Silicate zirconium

Silicate zirconium

سیلیکات زیرکونیوم
Industrial nameZirconium silicate
chemical formulaZrSiO4
degree of purity99.01
packing25 kg

?What is zirconium silicate

Zirconium silicate is one of the primary materials in the production of tile and ceramic glaze, whose mines are located in countries such as Australia, America and South Africa, and it is imported from Italy’s Johnson Company and recently from China. The most important applications of zirconium in the pottery industry are It is a refractory material and foundry sand. It is marketed as a gemstone used in jewelry, and its oxide is prepared to produce diamond-shaped catalyst and cubic zirconia.

Zirconium has a low absorption power in absorbing neutrons, which makes it desirable for the use of atomic energy (such as fuel metalworking elements). More than 90% of zirconium metal products are used commercially in the production of atomic power. New commercial reactors can use half a million feet of zirconium metal for tubing.

Zirconium is widely used by the chemical industry for piping in corrosive environments. Zirconium is inflammable and was used in forests to set fire. Its carbon is used as a disinfectant solution.

Impure zirconium oxide, zirconia, is used to make a metal melting pot in the laboratory that can withstand high heat. It is also used to cover the melting furnace and is used as a refractory in the glass and pottery industries.

Human tissue can easily tolerate this metal in the form of artificial joints and arms. It is used in air conditioners as a receiver, in vacuum cleaner tubes, lamp filaments and other special metals. It is used to make very strong magnets by electric force on a large scale.

Zirconium silicate consumer industries

Sanitary ware – ceramic tiles (engob and frit making)

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