General Trading, Export & Import

  General Trading, Export & Import

Supply of raw and processed material for ceramic, tableware and sanitary ware industry from foreign sources, ability to accomplish international trade and enough knowledge about international marketing and markets direct us to establish a Company for general trading in mineral products, construction material, chemical, petrochemical and oil products. Activities are listed as below:


Mineral products including different types of kaoline, clays and Potasic feldspar

Industrial products including tile and ceramic pigments, alumina balls and STPP

Countries: Germany, Spain, India, china and Ukraine


Mineral products including kaoline and nepheline syenite

Construction material including cement, tile and ceramic, building face brick and sanitary ware

Chemical products including sodium sulphide

Petrochemical products including DOP (DI- Octyl Phthalate)


Commercial and investment consultancy in company core competency activities

International marketing and planning

Commercial services in order to create trade ability of raw and processed material and final products in mineral and petrochemical fields.

 Targeted market:

Neighbor countries Including CIS countries, Caucasus countries, Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, UAE and Oman

Far East countries including China and Indonesia

European Countries including Russia, Spain and Italy

African countries including South Africa, Kenya and Senegal

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